Sage & Saints
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Along with inherent “gifts” from birth, as an Italian lineage healer with skills based primarily in pranotherapy, I have further developed and fine tuned the techniques I employ in both individual and group healing sessions, in person as well as long distance. I have had the privilege to study with shamans, curanderos, and light-workers; to have been initiated by the Q’ero Shamans as a Pampamesayoq or, ancient wisdom keeper, and various Reiki lineages, such as, Shamanic Reiki, Karuna Ki, and Crystal Reiki to the highest level of Master-Teacher. I have been able to weave a tapestry of healing techniques that traverse time and space, from cutting edge modern psychology, to early Atlantis or the ancient Q’ero nation of Peru, to name a few. The result is an exquisite amalgamation of healing and wellness practices, some even stretching back thousands of years, come together to optimize both ancient and modern technology in holistic wellness treatments. We thank you and welcome you to Sage & Saints.

-Elizabeth Amara Rose