Each of us is called to be a healer; to ourselves, to others, and to our planet...Health is a manifestation of our inner harmony and comes as a gift from ourselves to ourselves.
— Karen & Joel Speerstra

Through Sage and Saints, we offer a variety of holistic wellness services aimed at helping you get in touch and in line with your best self. Through a combination of modalities, we strive to assist others in releasing past or current emotional traumas, cleansing and aligning their energy, and giving them the tools necessary to continue forward on the path of their highest self in optimal health and well being.

List of Services

  • Reiki Energy Healing, Reading, and Alignment

  • Holistic Talk Therapy and Intuitive Counseling

  • Crystal Healing Sessions and Classes

  • Breathwork and Reiki Restorative Yoga

  • Group Healing Ceremonies | Cacao Ceremony | Guayusa Tea Ceremony | Womb Healing

Please inquire within for full descriptions and prices.